Our Approach

As a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on companies 
receiving the best service when undertaking a capital 
raising to fund future growth. This includes:

  • Understanding the scope and purpose of the capital raising;
  • Focused advice and partnering to achieve the funding outcome, and
  • Comprehensive management of the overall capital raising.

Our Services

We can assist those emerging growth companies keen to realise capital for future business initiatives.

Alongside this capability, we offer Personal Investing Services 
which also allows our existing client base to partake in the capital raisings under our management.

Our advisory team focuses on small to mid-cap companies within growth sectors and has experience in research and technology, 
energy, and funds management sectors.

At LEMSEC, we are pleased to offer companies the following 
Corporate Advisory services:

  • Pre- IPO
  • IPO (Initial Public Offering)
  • Placement

How we can help

  • Pre- IPO

    Pre-IPO refers to a sale of blocks of shares in a company in advance of its listing on a public exchange. In this way, the purchaser is incentivised to buy the shares because they are sold at a discount to the expected listing price. For the company, the placement is a way to raise funds and offset the risk that the IPO will not be as successful as hoped. The LEMSEC advisory team can discuss with company management their preference for pre-IPO placement.

  • IPO (Initial Public Offering)

    IPO refers to the process by which a private company can go public by sale of its shares to the public through a stock exchange. The LEMSEC advisory team is keen to have an open discussion with companies (that may be new or established) to discuss the process of listing on an exchange.

  • Placement

    Placement refers to when a company already listed on an exchange, raises additional funds through an issue of new shares (also known as raising equity capital). The LEMSEC advisory team can add value to listed companies seeking to raise capital through a placement.

Get in touch

Our network of advisors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth provide clients the opportunity to start a conversation regarding any of the investment services LEMSEC provides.