Our Approach

LEMSEC is dedicated to advisor-client relationships. We ensure that advisors partnering with LEMSEC have access to the appropriate resources for managing their business.
Our advisors choose the most appropriate business model that serves their purpose and additionally the service providers (including trading platform) they wish to utilise. This gives advisors the flexibility to draw on the level of support they require to build their own unique business. In this way, LEMSEC is a supportive partner to growing our advisors’ practices and moreover enabling their professional goals to be met.

Our Services

LEMSEC enjoys the opportunity to partner with investment advisors looking to grow their own business. If this sounds like you, here’s how we can help:

  • We simply supply the resources you’ll need to successfully run an advisory business.

These resources may include any or all of the following as shown in the diagram below:

Our Resources

Use of AFSL

Marketing Development and Training

Advisor Support

Transition Services


IPOS and Capital Raising

Managed Portfolios

Succession Planning

Professional Development

Practice Management

Technology Support

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