Our Approach

Our approach starts with our clients. We are proud of our long-term client relationships and the general advice we provide to assist our clients in prospering over time.

As a boutique investment firm, we focus on providing trusted advice and investment solutions for individuals, family trusts and SMSFs (Self Managed Super Funds).

Importantly, in times of change and financial market volatility, LEMSEC is positioned well to provide trusted advice to clients for future investment opportunities.

Our Services

LEMSEC is founded on putting clients first. We strive to ensure a value-added service for all clients to enjoy the benefits of:

  • Quality advice backed by research and due diligence. As a boutique business, we have been operating for nearly 20 years managing equity investments for individuals, family trusts and SMSFs.
  • Best executed trades to achieve client investment solutions.
  • Long term expertise in advising and trading in all financial markets.

How we can help

  • Australian Equities

    Share investing – or the buying and selling of company stock – offers the potential for capital growth, income from dividends or a combination of the two. At LEMSEC, we make share investing easy for our clients by providing full stockbroking services to help our clients’ build wealth. This involves trusted advice, best execution trading and settlement services. By assisting our clients in identifying investment opportunities suitable to their investment needs, our advisers provide comprehensive research on Australian shares.

  • International Equities

    As the Australian share market only represents approximately 2% of the world’s share markets and is also heavily concentrated in financial companies and resources stocks, it is important to consider the value added to your portfolio from investing in international equities. Our LEMSEC advisors offer clients the same full stockbroking services as per our Australian equities investing service.

  • Capital Raising

    Capital Raising simply involves companies issuing shares to raise funds. At LEMSEC, our advisors undertake research with respect to private equity placements and IPOs (Initial Public Offerings). Some companies may be listing on a stock exchange for the first time whilst others are seeking capital for future growth opportunities. Clients at LEMSEC are well placed to consider and partake in such investments where this is suitable to their investment portfolio. Our advisors are keen to discuss such investment opportunities.

  • Derivatives

    Derivatives involves trading options on behalf of our clients. This basically involves buying or selling ‘the option’ to trade on an underlying security. Options are an effective financial tool for managing risk and/or generating income for clients. Trading in options is as simple as trading in shares and all our advisors are skilled and experienced to execute strategies on behalf of interested clients.

  • Margin Lending

    Margin Lending allows clients to borrow funds to invest in the share market (commonly known as gearing) so that clients can build a larger investment portfolio than just relying on their own funds. Margin lending is available to those clients who have a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved as well as the opportunity to grow their wealth faster through a greater share market exposure. Our advisors are skilled in assisting interested clients in undertaking margin lending and can advise of any tax advantages too.

  • Fixed Income

    Fixed Income – including bank bills, term deposits, debentures, government and corporate bonds, and hybrid securities – are important investments that help protect our clients’ investments as they are less volatile than share market investments but offer more competitive returns than cash. Our advisors have expertise in fixed income investments including helping clients to understand the different instruments and executing trading including rollovers and redemptions.

  • Model Portfolios

    Model Portfolios – or managed portfolios – allow clients to diversify their assets within the choice of three investment strategies: either income, balanced or growth structures. Our clients have enjoyed the simplicity of selecting a structure that suits their investment needs with all the active management, discipline and reporting requirements managed by our advisory team.

  • ESG and Sustainability

    ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and Sustainable Investments allow our clients to partake in investments that are more than simply making a financial gain. At LEMSEC, our advisors can provide opportunities to access investments and provide opportunity to access investments that are financially healthy from an ESG and sustainable viewpoint. Our advisors would be happy to have an open discussion about such investment opportunities.

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